If you want to finance your new sports car, lease it or insure it with a guarantee, you won’t have to worry about it by yourself anymore. We’ve been working together with several large, long-established providers successfully and are able to offer attractive conditions. FINANCING, LEASING & GUARANTEE IS POSSIBLE FOR GERMAN CITIZENS ONLY.


We can calculate either traditional financing models or financing with a lower monthly charge and a flexible closing for you. After the first six months, you can make additional special payments anytime you want – without any additional costs or fees. A funding request will be made in a few minutes and usually the bank accepts it within half an hour. To provide financing we need you to bring your ID card, your debit card, the last three salary slips or the current business assessment (in case have an own trade), business registration and company stamp. If you are working in a new field of activity since lately, a spouse, a parent or a friend can vouch for you. From this guarantor we also need pay slips, the debit card and the ID card. If your old car is also funded and you want to give it in payment, we will of course also manage all formalities for this vehicle and take care of the replacement.


By leasing you can simply return the vehicle according to the agreed term. As a selfemployed or trader you can deductible the monthly lease payment tax as a business expense – please consult your accountant. You distinguish primarily between runtime and kilometers contracts. Together we determine the optimum contract version. Within the kilometercontracts we offer even a residual value guarantee: We guarantee a price to which we take back your vehicle or you can release it -regardless of performances.


Of course all of our vehicles are in a good condition and will be technically checked before being delivered and if you want to, reviewed by a certified appraiser. But even a good marksman may miss one day, so if you want to, we offer you a used car guarantee according to your needs. So you can put your mind at rest and enjoy every single drive. The fourfold test winner INTEC has over 40 years experience and provides guarantees with up to 60 months running time, even for classic cars. You will receive immediate and unbureaucratic aid within a few days.

Vehicle delivery

If you do not want to pick up your vehicle by yourself, we will deliver your new car with our own trailers.